Historical Documents

Title Size Notes
William S. Parr Civil War Diary 72.1KB This is a transcription of the Civil War diary of William S. Parr, who served in Company A of the 33rd Regiment of the Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.
Halfway Prairie Creamery Minutes 1896-1904 41.2MB This is a book of meeting minutes for the Halfway Prairie Creamery that was in the possession of one of its secretaries, Guy Dunlap (my great-grandfather). If you have a Mazomanie-area ancestor who was involved in agriculture, this should be illuminating. And crime fans may find the embezzlement scandal of particular interest.--Andrew Szudy

Auld Lang Syne

For decades, Jeanne Mahony's marvellous "Auld Lang Syne" column graced the pages of the News-Sickle-Arrow. The column listed various events that happened in Mazomanie 25, 50, 75, 100, etc. years before the week of publication. The original text came from old issues of the Mazomanie Sickle. While the column is no longer published, Jeanne Mahony's notes remain (except for certain years), and those notes are listed below and are grouped by year.

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